Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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As a result of the previous 12 years of intensive research, this considerations of life, monetary system and finance have - for the purpose of transforming passive spectators from the grandstands into active players on the playground - appeared in official form on the web through this Internet domain in March 2007.

This is the place where for the first time in these parts of Europe, in such a serious level, public has started to be alerted of frightening problem of the functionality of money and where the work on monetary reform has begun. In active developement of the new alternative worth appraisal and exchange system - acceptable on a global level, based on real rather than on financial values; from initial experimentation in the form of Time bank, as a primitive medium of exchange Crom has now grown into a real modern currency without territorial limitations on usage, and an amateur website has been developed in nicely designed and technically advanced electronic platform of just and sustainable alternative economy - a social network with integrated payment structure.

Crom Alternative Exchange Association ASSOCIATION CEASED TO EXIST 25.09.2013


Pula is a city in which the Constituent Assembly held on 05.09.2009 adopted the Statute of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association.

On 20 January 2010, Crom Alternative Exchange Association has entered in the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia under the number 18002072, and thus acquired the status of a legal person.

On 1st September 2011, Crom Alternative Exchange Association has entered into the Register of non-profit organizations of the Republic of Croatia (maintained by the Ministry of Finance) under the number 0186104.

Crom Alternative Exchange Association is a non-governmental non-profit social and humanitarian organization administered by its members - established to protect, promote and realise general social interests and achieve the objectives set. Our world is the one in which people live happy, conflicts are resolved peacefully and no community seeks to expropriate the resources of its neighbors. The way money is created and distributed, who creates it and in what form - are key questions that determine whether the financial system is fair and efficient or not. Our standpoint is that freedom based on monetary sovereignty and financial independence of the wider population is a basic condition for developing any kind of democratic civil society.

We are a community of curious, informed, decisive, creative, and peaceful people of free spirit and open mind who cultivate sympathy for the truth.  Disappointed with everything that both on the local and on the global level happens on the political scene and behind it, as a Free People on the Free Planet we have constructed something that didn't exist before - a lifestyle choice and an alternative to defective system of money, banking, tax, and finance.

Crom Association has a precise idea about how our strange and contradictory world in reality should look like. Association functions as flexible cohesion between people sharing common goals. Places in organizational structure are not reserved for, but can be reached by everyday proving. Ideas that are to be realized are always a result of open dialogue and exchange of opinions within working ambient in which diversity is seen as an advantage rather than as defect. Regardless of age, gender or nationality, talents will always find here a door wide open for research and experimentation from which we can all come out richer with new knowledges, giving us an opportunity to spread our activities via positive innovations onto a new areas and to offer a whole range of new solutions to the market.

All those who can recognize themselves in these thoughts, ideas and vision of a sustainable cooperative economy - and who want to contribute to the promotion of the use of alternative currencies, healthy and sustainable living, environmental protection, positive changes, work to strengthen and develop local communities, quality of work time and free time as well as the quality of products and services - or shortly and simply said, to a better collective future - are welcome as new members of the association.


National Classification Of Activities (NKD)

- Legal organizational form: Association (Code number: 10)
- Activities: Activities of other membership organizations
- Code number of the class (NKD 2007): 9499
- Code number of the class (NKD 2002): 91330
- MBS: 2616696
- OIB: 37571957201

Current President of the Association:

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Current Secretary of the Association:

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Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Concrete Activities

In its work, including various collaborations, contactings, meetings and distribution of educational and informational materials; until now the association has published on this web pages interviews with the original content that touches on forbidden taboo topics. Musicians and bands: Sale Veruda (KUD Idijoti), Diskurz, Alergija, Postolar Tripper, Zbogom Brus Li, Stranci, Ofsajd, Under Pressure, Gužva U Bajt, NadimaC, No More Idols, Autogeni Trening, Prometheus and Atomic Sunset (english version). On the occasion of his artworks exhibition in New York titled "What Has Our Fight Given Us", we have also published an interesting interview with renowned Pula's painter Bojan Sumonja.


September 2008, Zagreb, Sheraton Panorama Hotel.
Meeting on the topic of alternative currencies: Duric Aljosa and Marusa Freire from the Central Bank of Brazil.


October 2010, Rock Caffe Pula.
Sale and purchase of the KUD Idijoti vinyl LP album "We Are Here Only Because Of Money" through Crom Alternative Currency via mobile transaction.
From left to right: Zoran Djordjevic (drummer with few bands Pula's bands, better known as Djole Macola - he also played with the legendary Atomic Shelter), Daniel Balaban (founder of the Transition Town Pula), Duric Aljosa (Crom Alternative Exchange Association), Sale Veruda (guitar and vocal of the cult punk-rock band KUD Idijoti) and Denis Vitasovic (bass guitar and vocal with few Pula's best bands).


October 2010, Green Market - Pula.
Sale and purchase of the piece of vegetable through Crom Alternative Currency via mobile transaction.
Photo: Sanja Vermezovic, silver medal in rowing at the 14 Summer Universiade in Zagreb in 1987, and double winner in the 2007 Croatian Championship in rowing.





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